Show your support for the resistance with this limited edition tee
Show Your Support For The Resistance With This Limited Edition Tee
Do You Support Socialism In America?
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Should the United States Congress Reject the Biden/Harris/Democrat Socialist Agenda?
Yes -- They should preserve Freedom, capitalism, and the American Dream by rejecting Big Government spending on socialist policies
No -- They should support tax increases and tighter regulation of small businesses
AmericanSnippets.com, one of America's fastest-growing patriotic podcasts and online communities, is conducting an urgent national online poll in response to recent reports that Democrats are planning to institute their socialist agenda after taking control of the White House.

We are also asking you to rate President Trump's job performance as President.

We will syndicate and share the results of this poll to major news outlets, including MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS and others, in order to report on the level of public support for traditional American capitalism.

Cast your vote here today so that your voice will be heard, in hopes of a better tomorrow.